Beaches, Bays & Seals

Best for: seals, lagoons and kayak sailing. Vista Cruise into the heart of the Park to explore NZ Fur Seal territory around Torrent Bay and Pinnacle Island. Min age 12 years.

*PLEASE NOTE: the shallow tidal beach at Torrent Bay often requires a small boat transfer to get you close to shore, and can involve wading through water up to your knees, or higher, depending on conditions.
We recommend you bring extra clothing to ensure your comfort if you are splashed by a wave.
The small boat transfer is not suitable for people with limited mobility or balance. If you are concerned about this, our Adele Island Birdsong and Seals is the best trip for you.

Prices valid to 30 September 2017
Terms and Conditions

  • Wilsons AbelTasmanBarkBayInlet Beaches, Bays & Seals

    The most scenic kayaking between Torrent Bay and Bark Bay with Fur Seals on Pinnacle Island. Includes tidal landing at Torrent Bay.

    • Availability: All year
    • Best For: Seals, lagoons and kayak sailing
    • Cruise: Kaiteriteri-Torrent Bay return: 45 mins each way (or meet at Torrent Bay)
    • Walk: Options available
    • Kayak: Torrent Bay/Anchorage (guided): 2 hours 30 minutes with breaks
    • Start: 9.00 am
    • Finish: 4.10 pm (all year) 6.00 pm (high season)
    • Cost: Adult $170, Child $120 (12-14 yrs)
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  • TB entrance 2 Beaches, Bays & Seals with Walk

    Kayak from Torrent Bay, then feel the sand in your toes with a walk along Anchorage Beach. Includes tidal landing at Torrent Bay.

    • Availability: 20 October to 18 April self-drive only
    • Best For: Seals, kayak sailing, coastal vistas
    • Cruise: Kaiteriteri-Torrent Bay return from Anchorage: 45 mins each way
    • Walk: Torrent Bay to Anchorage: 3 kms (1.8 miles), 1 hr 30 mins
    • Kayak: Anchorage/Torrent Bay: 2 hrs 30 mins
    • Start: 9.00 am
    • Finish: 6.00 pm
    • Cost: Adult $170, Child (12-14 yrs) $120
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  • K Wilsons AbelTasmanDoubleTongaIs web crop Adele Island Birdsong and Seals

    More to see! Less paddling effort! Easier boat landing. Paddle to Adele Island wildlife sanctuary, home to rare birds and seals.

    • Availability: High Season (20 Oct - 18 Apr)
    • Best For: Adele Island wildlife sanctuary
    • Cruise: Kaiteriteri - Observation Cove 20 mins
      Anchorage or Medlands return
    • Walk: Up to 3 hours (unguided)
    • Kayak: 2 hours guided
    • Start: 9.00 am
    • Finish: 4.10 or 6.00 pm
    • Cost: Adult $152 or $167
      Child $109 or $113 (12-14 yrs)
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