With its mantle of evergreen forest and the highest number of sunshine hours in New Zealand, year-round, the Abel Tasman National Park displays its stunning beauty any time of year.

The Best Time to Visit:

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Average number of sunshine hours per year: 2,400. (ref: N.I.W.A).

Annual Average Temperatures & Rainfall
  Mean Daily
Max. Temps (C/F)
Mean Daily
Min. Temps (C/F)
Average Rain
Days (>1mm)
Summer(Dec/Jan/Feb) 22/72 13/55 6
Autumn(Mar/Apr/May) 18/64 8/46 8
Winter(Jun/Jul/Aug) 13/55 3/37 10
Spring(Sept/Oct/Nov) 17/63 7/45 10

The Seasons:

In the Summer months, the Nelson region is buzzing with an exciting range of international visitors. As Australian and New Zealand schools have long vacations over this period, and these are the most popular months for spending time on our golden beaches, book ahead to ensure your ideal holiday.

Cooler Autumn (Fall) evenings balance warm, summery days. With the end of the main holiday season, this is an ideal time to visit the Abel Tasman region.  As seasonal berries ripen, the forest comes alive with birdsong. Sea birds flock and maturing New Zealand fur seal pups are out exploring for new territories.

Winter sunshine warms clear, crisp days. Photographers wait for this season to get classic brochure images with no sea breeze to ruffle the crystal water, and no heat haze to soften the vistas. Snuggle up beside an open fire in our centrally heated Beachfront Lodges or take a Day Sea Kayak, Cruise & Walk Day Trip or Boat Trip designed to make the most of the winter sunshine hours.

The forest wakes with new growth in Springtime creating a palette of green. Native flowers are small and subtle, rewarding the careful observer with surprising variety and perfumes. Temperatures are ideal for walking and kayaking but only hardy swimmers brave the waters so beaches are deserted, waiting to be discovered.

The large tidal range on the coast (up to around 5 metres, 15 feet) means the TIDES must be given as much consideration as the weather if you want to achieve your goals of exploration or relaxation for the day.

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For your comfort and safety, let us take care of the details and help you plan a day to suit your budget and interests as well as the conditions on the day. We'll show you the best of the Park with Sea Kayaking, Walking and Boat Trip options.