On average, we receive 2,400 sunshine hours per year (N.I.W.A).

The Abel Tasman coast has one of the largest tidal ranges in the country at up to five metres (over 15 feet). Because of this, tides and weather are equally important when planning your trip. 

For daily weather forecasts for the Abel Tasman Coast, visit the New Zealand MetService website.

Accurate tide timetables for the Abel Tasman coast can be found on the Department of Conservation website (note that Abel Tasman tides differ from Nelson tides).

 Average air temperatures and rainfall through the year

  Mean Daily
Max. Temps (°C/°F)
Mean Daily
Min. Temps (°C/°F)
Average Rain
Days (>1mm)
Summer(Dec/Jan/Feb) 22/72 13/55 6
Autumn(Mar/Apr/May) 18/64 8/46 8
Winter(Jun/Jul/Aug) 13/55 3/37 10
Spring(Sept/Oct/Nov) 17/63 7/45 10

For swimming, water temperatures peak in the range of 16-19°C (61-66°F) in the first week of February. Water is coolest during August in the range of 11-13°C (52-55°F).

For your comfort and safety, let us take care of the details and help you plan a trip to suit your budget and interests as well as the conditions on the day. Go to our trip finder to discover how we can show you the best of the park.