• Good sports/hiking shoes. Kayakers must carry walking shoes in case of an emergency.
  • Shoes for tidal crossings and/or kayaking, fixed at the heel.
  • Light shoes or slippers to wear at the lodges.

Download pictures of recommended footwear (PDF)

Walking poles are recommended for stability on uphill and downhill sections.They assist with balance, and relieve pressure on knee and ankle joints.


Quick-dry and thermal fibres are recommended for walking and kayaking. Avoid cotton as it takes a long time to dry. Layers are the key to comfort:

  • Thermal layer close to your skin. In the cooler months (Apr - Oct), bring extra thermal layers and socks.
  • Quick-dry shorts and t-shirts.
  • Warm wool or polarfleece layer.
  • Waterproof jacket with hood (disposable rain coats are for sale at our offices).
  • Kayakers need an extra set of hiking clothes in case you get wet.
Other essentials
  • Re-usable water bottle to be filled at our office and lodges.
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses.
  • Hand sanitiser (please no tissues or hand wipes as they add to litter to the park).
  • Phone/Camera with charger and memory card.
  • Swimwear and beach towel (optional).
  • In-house bar takes credit card or Eftpos (no cash).
  • Essential personal medication must be carried with you each day.
Overnight gear 

To be packed into the Lodge Luggage Bag we supply.                         

  • Casual evening clothes and light footwear.
  • Underwear, including socks and sleepwear.
  • Personal toiletries.
  • Flashlight/torch (on rare occasions, our generated electricity can fail).

Cellphone reception varies depending on your service provider.

Please do not bring valuable items or travel documents. There is safe storage at our Motueka office.

Download the Project Janszoon Abel Tasman App to your phone for useful information and maps.

Down load your packing list (PDF file).