Cellphone & Wifi Reception

Disconnect for a real wilderness experience, but if you are unable to travel technology-free, wifi and cellphone coverage is limited.

Cellphone coverage can be found on headlands or high points in line-of-site to transmission points. Coverage varies depending on your service provider. Check coverage maps for:

Project Janzoon Wi-fi hotspots are found at:

  • Marahau park entrance
  • Anchorage campground
  • Torrent Bay Lodge
  • Bark Bay hut and campground
  • Meadowbank Homestead at Awaroa
  • Totaranui

 Project Janszoon is a charitable trust set up to restore the environment. Use of their Wifi network requires a NZ$5 donation, payable by credit card.

Before going into the Park, we recommend downloading the Project Janszoon App, with fascinating stories about the environment and history of Abel Tasman National Park.